“For me it’s a lifelong duty to educate others about my people. There is so much information out there about the indigenous people of this continent. I used to say Natives are the most stereotyped people in the world, I’ve heard a lot of crazy shit, I used to get mad when I was younger. Today it’s a pleasure to inform.”

Jonas Rides At The Door
Blackfoot nation



Our American Rodeo is a documentary project exploring the positive power of rodeo throughout the American South West. Crisscrossing Arizona, Utah and Nevada, the project will culminate in a feature length film depicting modern rural life on the reservation.


Doug Hancock and Christopher Pugmire are a British content-production team based in Amsterdam. Doug is an award-winning cinematographer, documentary director and veteran editor. Christopher is a documentary photographer, freelance creative and dedicated flâneur. Both are self-taught and believe that there is real power in letting peoples’ stories speak for themselves. Their main strengths are making genuine, human connections, and gathering quality material with minimum production fuss.


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With special thanks to Winkie Crook and the Hualapai Junior Rodeo for the outstanding demonstration, Troy Tuni and family for their amazing hospitality, Vincent Salabye for his vision and storytelling, Kris Silas and LaVaun Dyer for giving so much at the last minute, the nice lady at the Hopi Cultural Center for making that happen, Chad Blankenship and Bo Vocu for the INFR access, Beverly at the Rock Point fry bread stand for helping us find Troy, and Ilene for the warm welcome in Monument Valley. We’d also like to thank Odis and the boys at the goat ranch for showing us how it’s done. Last but not least, big props to Prue Duggan for her incredible copy skills and sense of narrative, and Nick Smith and James Cook from Stainless Sound for music.